Aims & Objects

Kolkata Nagarik Sammelan Aims & Objectives:-
Kolkata Nagarik Sammelan declares its intention to build a broad based strong and united Citizen’s movement in the city of Kolkata, embracing every man and woman who is pledge to fight for the cause of Development, Patriotism and Peace.
Kolkata Nagarik Sammelan takes up and highlights the issues and problems concerning the development of Kolkata, especially in the field of Traffic, Metre Railway, Circular Railway, River port and Airport.
It is committed to fight against all manifestations of backward and decadent Culture and obscurantism and outmoded outlooks.
It is committed to eradicate illiteracy from the city of Kolkata.
Kolkata Nagarik Sammelan is determined to protect the environment. It advocates for sustainable development which should take into account the necessity of maintaining ecological balance.

The object for which the society is established are:

1. To maintain and promote peace and harmony among all sections of people keeping in mind unity in diversity of India.
2. To promote public health awareness among people.
3. To propagate the awareness of human rights, democratic rights of common people.
4. To work for the benefits of poor men, women and children in the area of Kolkata district.
5. To impart teaching, training and education to street children of different communities especially for the backward classes men, women and children.
6. To develop social awareness among the illiterate people by organising awareness camp from time to time.
7. To undertake projects and activities for the overall socio-economic development of the Kolkata District and implement various schemes thereof.
8. To interact with social workers of different social welfare organization to carry on different dimensions of social work and to help and provide service and care to sick, aged and ailing poor and downtrodden of public at large.
9. To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural and scientific education.
10. To arrange and organise lectures, debates, discussions, seminars, and excursions for diffusion of knowledge.
11. To promote disaster management and emergency relief and care for persons affected by natural calamities.
12. To publish or promote the publishing of journals, books, magazines, etc to propagate aims and objectives of the organisation without any intention of making profit.
13. To organise all the other activities which are incidental ancillary or complementary to the foregoing objects.The income and properties of the society whatsoever to be derived or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the object of the society and no portion thereof shall be paid to or divided amongst any of its members by way of profits.