Awareness Programme – Dengue And Other Mosquito – Bourne Diseases:

In July and August 2016, many parts of Kolkata were affected by the Dengue fever, Several patients died. Nagarik Sammelan took up the challenge of preventing it spread by launching an awareness programme. It told people that Dengue could be prevented by adopting some simple measures at home. Thounsands of hand bills were printed and distributed by all the zones of the Sammelan, informing citizens of the basic facts of the disease, its causes and preventive measures.

Movement Against Price Rise:

31 May 2016 – Ashok Chaudhuri and other leaders of Nagarik Sammelan called upon all zones and ward committees of the organisations to organise campaigns and movements against the terrible price rise affecting all citizens. Between early March and May the price of all commodities of everyday use had skyrocketed, viz. rice, dal, eggs, vegetable, edible oil etc. Slogan should also be raised against frequent hike in petrol and diesel prices. The issue was taken up by several ward committees and most of the zones.

Against Intolerance:

18th February 2016 – A meeting of the Governing Body of the Nagarik Sammelan was held. A unanimous resolution on the fight against religious intolerance was passed. This was necessary to strengthen the secular democratic foundation of the Republic of the India. Some people were deliberately preventing the growth of scientific temper and rational thought. They should be unmasked.

Campaigns Against Pollution of Environment:

Since inception, our organisation is making a sustained movement, against Pollution of our natural air, water, and soil. We are also committed to preserve the biodiversity of our mother earth. Every year we observe world environment day on 6th June by either to street possession or hall meeting.


Every year we take up a plant programme for plantation of sapling on the street of Calcutta. We also  keep vigilance so that the plants are converted into tree.

Health Awareness:

In collaboration with our sister organisation Janasasthya committee we organise blood donation camp, health check- up camp and services. Our aim is to prevent water bourne and air bourne disease.

Our campaign of the development the city of Kolkata, included development of Airport, development of River port, completion of ongoing Metro Railways project extension of circular Railway project and improvement of civic amenities.