Our Inspiration

The citizens movement in Kolkata dates back to early fifties of twentieth century. We drew our inspiration from those person who first stared the movement and steered it through rain and shine till it took an organised shape and culminated in the formation of ‘Kolkata Nagarik Sammelan’ in 1987.
Among our leaders in the formation stage, special mention may be made of Sri Prasanta Sur, ex minister of West Bengal who organised the movement in the southern parts of the city, Tollygung in particular, among refugees from the then east Pakistan.
Sir Kamal Basu, ex-mayor of Kolkata, and Sree Aloke Majumder were the mentors in north Kolkata. Sir Kamal Basu in his capacity as mayor of Kolkata drew a plan for all-round development of Kolkata.
Rs 1820 crores were needed for implementation of the plan and there was huge movement and agitation throughout the length and breadth of Kolkata for special cultural grant of Rs 1820 crores.
Sir Alok Majumder who built up our organisation from the grassroot level was the guiding angel in this movement.
In the central part of Kolkata, Sri Lakshmi Kanto Dey, ex chief whip, Govt. of West Bengal was the natural leader. His intensive and extensive mass contact was an asset to sustain any movement.
Last but no the least, our founder- president prof A. W. Mahmood who was secularism personified, was always a beacon light and source of inspiration to us.
It is because of the able leadership of the above leaders that citizens movement started and flourished in the city of Kolkata and we can still sustain it drawing inspiration from the memory of our departed leaders.
Sri Prasanta Chatterjee who was mayor of Kolkata for two consecutive terms is presently our friend, philosopher and guide.